New Year Packages (Vishu, Puthandu)

This Puthandu Flower Package contains the following items:

  1. Assorted Pooja Flowers (250gms)
  2. Yellow Chrysanthemum String (80cm)
  3. Jasmine String (80cm)
  4. Mango leaf (1 bunch)
  5. Neem leaf(1 bunch)
  6. Lotus (2 Nos)

Vishukkani Flower Package contains below products:

  1. Assorted Pooja Flowers (250gms)
  2. Jasmine String (120cm)
  3. Tulsi String (10cm)
  4. Konna Poovu (Golden Shower Flower) (1 Bundle)
  5. Lotus (1 Nos)
Harvest New Year
The beginning of a new harvest season!

- Baisakhi - Bihu - Vishu - Poila Boishakh - Puthandu -

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Harvest Festival!

It’s that time of the year once more when individuals can capture a see of India’s different societies. The Eastern, Northern & Southern parts of the nation celebrate they’re to begin with the collect celebration of the year – Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu, Poila Boishak & Puthandu – with energy and intensity. Each year, the celebrations drop on April 13 or April 14, based on the Hindu or Sikh Calendar.

Baisakhi: Harvest Festival Of Punjab
This year, Baisakhi falls on April 14.

On this day, Master Gobind Singh, the tenth Master of Sikhs, inquired individuals to take after Sikhism in 1699, and the Khalsa community was formed.

The northern states of Punjab, Haryana, and parts of Delhi celebrate this day with much show. Individuals get together and perform bhangra and gidda on conventional society melodies and dhol. Men appear off their gatka abilities (conventional shape of martial arts of the Sikh.)

The Sikh community too watches it as the day of thanksgiving for plenteous gathering, and imploring for future thriving.

Vishu: Malayalam New Year
This year, Vishu will fall on April 14.

The celebration of lights and firecrackers is celebrated in Kerala, and parts of Karnataka. Individuals beautify their houses with diyas and lights, and burst firecrackers (locally called Vishupadakkam). The conventions of Vishu incorporate the primary promising see of the happy day (called Vishukkani Kazhcha), buying of unused dress for the event (called Puthukodi), giving money which is the primary blessing of the year (called Vishukkaineetam) and the devour comprised of nourishment things that taste salty, sweet, acrid and severe (called Sadya).

The custom arrangement (called Vishukkani) made on this promising day within the supplication room of the house incorporates a list of things that bring success – rice, natural products, vegetables, betel takes off, areca nut, metal reflects, yellow blooms (called konna), heavenly writings and coins. The things are orchestrated a night sometime recently Vishu and are the primary location of Master Vishnu on Vishu.

Devotees assembly the Sabarimala Ayyappan and the Guruvayur sanctuaries to see the ‘Vishukkani Kazhcha’ amid the B

Bihu: Harvest Festival Of Assam

Watched on April 15, 2018, Bohag Bihu is broadly celebrated over Assam, and parts of Manipur and Bengal. The Assamese celebrate Bihu thrice a year, which means the unmistakable cycles of cultivating – Bhogali/Magh Bihu (January), Bohag/Rongali Bihu (April), and Kongali Bihu (October).

On the day of Bohag Bihu, different delights like Mangsho, Chira, and Pitha are made. Ladies, men, and children are seen singing, devouring, trading blessings, looking for favors from seniors, wearing an unused dress, and performing the conventional Bihu move on this day.

Puthandu: Tamil New Year

This year, Puthandu is being celebrated on April 14 in Tamil Nadu, and Tamil-dominated nations Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Concurring to the Tamil Calendar Varusha Pirappu, Puthandu marks the primary day of the primary month (Chithirai).

The celebrations of Puthandu reverberate that of Vishu. The night sometime recently the favorable day, a plate full of natural products, betel clears out, gold adornments, silver jewelry, money/cash/coins, and blooms are put together within the supplication room for the Master to see as the primary thing.

It is accepted that the primary see of these promising things brings joy and thriving for the rest of the year.

Poila Boishakh: Bengali New Year

This year, Poila Boishakh will be celebrated on April 15 in West Bengal, and parts of Tripura. Agreeing to the Bengali calendar, it is the primary day of, to begin month (called Baishakh), and individuals thank the divine powers for the gather of the past year which to follow.

People beautify their houses with rangoli in their patios made with glue of rice and water (called alpona).

Families get together on this favorable day and celebrate the unused year with Bengali people tunes and moves in conventional attires. Little social occasions are held where children and grown-ups take portion in different exercises like drawing/painting, moving, verse recitation, singing, etc.

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