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Refund and Returns Policy

  /  Refund and Returns Policy


GFD is always on its tiptoes to satisfy the customers with its high-quality floral products. However, we all are aware that there are those rare moments either due to circumstantial conditions like bad weather, broken wheel, or unavailability of stock on time that cannot deliver your expected flowers on time. Whilst we extremely apologize for all the inconvenience we also have a policy in place to address these needs. At times when you feel you are not happy with our delivered products you can always return abiding b the below Return Policy:

Bad Quality of Flowers

This can happen either due to the bad weather or human error and you would want to return the flowers. We will be happy to take it back and exchange it for something of equal volume and substitute and price or refund your full amount if returned within 2 hours of delivery. Unfortunately, we are extremely busy and may not be able to offer you the exchange at your doorstep hence you may have to come over to return the product for exchange.

Not the desired floral product

It so happens that at times we may have run out of stock for your desired product and perhaps failed to reach you on mobile or email. Hence, we do offer substitutes. However, it is up to you if you wish to accept the substitute and if you do not we will follow the same procedure as for the Return Policy mentioned above.

Special note: For important functions like Weddings, engagements, or concerts please do not expect the identical arrangement as discussed or shown on the website, there may be a few variations but rest assured will be very close to what you expected.

To shop online, you need to register some basic information like an e-mail address and password onto your account. After you have completed your first order, a reference number will be sent to you. Please use this to sign in on future visits to this site and place orders.Β RegistrationΒ is free.

Need help?

If you have any queries/questions for us Please feel free toΒ write to us or you can initiate an online chat on our portal