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Marigold Yellow Flower (Gende Ka Phool) – 250gm


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Marigold Flowers: The multi-petaled marigold, which is saffron in hue, is not only beautiful to look at, but is also well-liked by the gods. Most often, marigold flowers are utilised in auspicious rituals or pujas. The Puja Granth makes reference to the marigold flower’s significance. The gods are said to have chosen this flower as their favourite.

Marigold is a sign of benevolence. Saffron or orange is presented to God as a gesture of submission since it denotes resignation. the Sanskrit word for marigold is Sthulapushpa, which denotes resilience. It stands for faith in God and the will to conquer challenges. This is also the reason why on Vijayadashami, the day that Lord Rama slew Ravana, the flower has such significance.


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