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According to the Hindus Tulsi is given the status of a ‘Mother’, and is considered as a sacred leaf for religious and spiritual devout. To explore on the medicinal benefits the antibiotic property of this sacred leaf is considered to be of paramount importance. Besides, as for the religious rituals and special occasions this is one of the significant leaf used while offering Neividyam.  Offering Tulasi during rituals seem to absorb negative energies and emit a positive vibration in the environment. Such is the power of this holy leaf.  Devotees of the Hindu religion consider Tulasi leaf to be liked byLord Vishnu and offer Tulasi mala as a special offering in Lord Vishnu temples during Vaikuntha Ekadashi. Tulasi Mala is also offered to Lord Hanuman in temples by the devotees. These days we seldom see houses with a Tulasi plant at their backyard. However this sacred leaf is supposed to have an immense power of destroying sins of many eras just by its touch and obeisance. There are special paragraphs mentioned in Puranas and Upanishads about the importance of Tulasi and its medicinal properties especially implemented in Ayurveda.

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