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Marriage Garland made of Rose Petals, Jasmine, Tuberose, Rose Bud, Orchid. We also undertake custom marriage garland order!
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Sacred and sacrosanct, weddings in India hold a special place. A time where family ties are strengthened and two individuals are bound together through sacred rituals; wedding traditions have been part of our Indian culture for centuries and a common thread found in all of them is the use of flower garlands.
Flower garlands have always held an important place not only as an adornment for the bride and groom but also as an addition to the aesthetic, spiritual, and finally as a promise between man and wife as they start their new life together.
At Get Flowers Daily, we understand the significance of the flower garland and offer a variety of designs for you to choose from. From lotus garlands to rose garlands, we locally source our flowers and make our garlands with the freshest and most vibrant flowers that will enhance your special day. We also offer customized garlands according to your taste and choice of flowers.
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Rose Petals Carnation Garland

Rose Bud Garland

Jasmine / Nandiyavattai Garland

Tuberose Garland

Maathu Malai / Garland