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Red Rose With Yellow Rose Tomala – 3ft

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Vibrant red blooms and golden hues entwine,
A sacred thomala for the divine,
In reverence, petals speak of devotion,
An offering pure, in heartfelt emotion.

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In the sanctity of a temple or sacred space, a delicate ritual unfolds. A basket woven from fragrant, fresh red roses, their petals vibrant and lush, sits gracefully adorned. Intertwined within this offering is a garland of golden yellow roses, each bloom symbolizing purity and devotion. The fragrance of these blossoms fills the air, carrying with it a sense of reverence and tranquility.

As hands gently place this thomala before the deity, the contrast of red and yellow creates a visual harmony, a testament to the heartfelt emotions of the devotee. Each rose, meticulously selected and arranged, reflects not just natural beauty but a deep spiritual connection. It is a gesture of love and gratitude, expressed through nature’s most exquisite creations, offered humbly to the divine presence that sanctifies the space.

This offering transcends its physical form, becoming a symbol of faith and devotion, a bridge between the earthly and the divine realms. The fresh red roses with yellow rose thomala embody a timeless tradition of worship, where every petal whispers prayers of devotion and every fragrance evokes a sense of sacredness.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 91 cm

Red, Yellow, White, Green


Red Rose, Yellow Rose, Tube Rose, Paneer leaves


God Decoration, Pooja


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