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List Of Favourite Flowers Hindu Gods | Pooja Flowers Names

Flowers For God

Hinduism has always placed a high value on flowers, and the gods each have their favourite flowers, days, and colours that they associate with beauty, purity, and devotion. When offering flowers for God, devotees choose blooms that resonate with their divine preferences. 

They are carefully selected to appease the gods, enhancing the rites with brilliant hues and alluring scents. Each flower creates a lovely bond between worshippers and the divine by expressing love and respect. Giving colourful, fresh flowers to the gods is a way to showcase nature's splendour. 

Get Flowers Daily shows sincere dedication to creating Pooja flower online offerings on daily and weekly flower subscriptions, which provide the rites with a peaceful and spiritually enlarging atmosphere. Each selected flower has a special meaning that precisely captures the character of the deity to which it is dedicated.

Names Of Divine & Favorite Pooja Flowers For Every Deity

Let's delve into the favourite Pooja flower names of some prominent Hindu deities:

  1. Lord Shiva - Datura Flower
    Lord Shiva's favourite flower that adorned him is the Dhatura flower, which holds deep symbolic significance. These flowers symbolise lord shiva's transformative and calming presence with spiritual awakening properties.
  2. Lord Vishnu - Parijata (night flower jasmine)
    The Parijata flower, also known as the Vishnu flower, is a celestial and holy bloom with profound roots. Lord Vishnu's favourite flower has mythological origins, religious significance, beauty and fragrant symbolism, and spiritual message, making it a beloved and adored flower.
  3. Lord Ganesha - Hibiscus
    Hibiscus is Lord Ganesha's favourite flower because of its purity, symbolism, and relationship with auspiciousness. This Ganesha's favourite flower has vibrant red petals that symbolise love and commitment to the divine, making it an ideal choice for offering him. Ganpati's favourite flower is known for simplicity, righteousness and devotion in one's spiritual journey.
  4. Goddess Lakshmi - Lotus
    Lotus, divine the grace of goddess Lakshmi, represents purity, spiritual growth, and prosperity. Despite growing in muddy water, it emerges clean and unblemished. It depicts that one can attain spiritual enlightenment and purity even in worldly challenges and impurities.
  5. Goddess Saraswati – Palash Flower
    Goddess Saraswati is fond of the Palash flower. Its tree and its fiery-coloured flowers are considered symbolic representations of knowledge, wisdom, and learning. They are seen as embodiments of the goddess's divine attributes.
  6. Lord Krishna – Kadamba flower
    Lord Krishna's favourite flower is Kadamba, uniquely positioned in Hindu worship. Radha Krishna's Favorite Flower also depicts Krishna's humorous and romantic nature, his relationship with Radha, and the dedication and love he instils in his disciples.
  7. Hanuman - Marigold
    Hanuman Ji is fond of red flowers; red roses and marigolds can be offered to him. Hanuman's favourite flowers, with their vibrant colours, show a symbol of devotion and reverence to seek the blessings and protection of Lord Hanuman.


Flowers symbolize purity, devotion, and auspiciousness and have a unique and profound link with Hindu deities. Understand the favourite flowers of various gods and goddesses to enhance the spiritual experience during worship. Consider a flower subscription from Get Flowers Daily to ensure you have the correct blossoms for your rituals, wedding garlands, and bridal flowers. These floral offerings not only delight the gods, but they also help you on your spiritual journey.

Incorporate the correct flowers into your worship, and you will see divine blessings and grace flow into your life as the aroma of a newly picked blossom fills the air with serenity and devotion.