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Tuberose With Jungle Geranium – 2.5ft (1Pair)

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Enhance your celebrations with our Tuberose with Jungle Geranium Garland, a harmonious blend of delicate tuberose and vibrant jungle geranium. Perfect for adorning sacred spaces or participants in ceremonies, its enchanting fragrance and colorful blooms add elegance and meaning to any occasion.



The Tuberose with Jungle Germanium Garland is a stunning fusion of two beautiful flowers, creating an exquisite and fragrant accessory for special occasions and spiritual practices. This garland is meticulously handcrafted, combining the delicate, sweet scent of tuberose with the vibrant, refreshing aroma of jungle geranium. The result is a captivating blend of fragrances that soothes the senses and elevates the ambiance of any space.

Each garland is thoughtfully designed to highlight the unique qualities of both flowers. The tuberose, with its elegant white blossoms, symbolizes purity and grace, while the jungle geranium, known for its bright and cheerful blooms, represents positivity and vitality. Together, they create a harmonious and visually striking garland that is perfect for adorning deities, altars, or participants in ceremonies and celebrations.

The Tuberose with Jungle Germanium Garland is not only a beautiful decorative piece but also a meaningful expression of reverence and devotion. The natural fragrances of the tuberose and jungle geranium combine to create an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual upliftment, making it an ideal choice for meditation, prayer, or any sacred ritual.

Whether you are preparing for a religious festival, decorating your home temple, or looking for a special gift, the Tuberose with Jungle Germanium Garland is an excellent choice. Its vibrant colors and enchanting fragrance will bring a touch of nature’s beauty and serenity to your celebrations, enhancing your spiritual experiences and creating lasting memories.

Experience the elegance and spiritual essence of the Tuberose with Jungle Germanium Garland, and let its beauty and fragrance transform your rituals and spaces into sanctuaries of peace and joy.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 76 cm

White, Red, Green, Yellow


Tuberose, Jungle Germanium, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Paneer Leaves


For God, Pooja


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