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Red Rose Petal Garland with a White Tuberose Border


Step up your dΓ©cor with this elegant flower garland featuring bright red rose petals and a delicate white tuberose border. Entice your guests into celebrating the important moments in life with this exquisite and lasting floral design. This flower garland is the perfect accessory for your next wedding, reception, or even engagement!
Pair of Red rose petal garland with a white tuberose border for wedding (1 Pair – 2 Garland)
– Handcrafted using premium organic materials
– Perfect for any occasion – weddings, engagements, receptions, etc.
– A breathtakingly beautiful accent piece for any special event
– Long-lasting design that will make a lasting impression on guests
– An environmentally friendly alternative decoration

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Perfect Decor:
1. A red rose petal garland is the perfect decoration for any wedding, marriage, reception, or engagement ceremony. It adds a romantic vibe to the environment and helps complete the atmosphere of your event.
2. Colorful: The vibrant red color of the petals can be used to compliment other decorations or can stand out on its own as a centerpiece for guests to admire.
3. Eco-friendly: Using fresh flower petals is an eco-friendly and sustainable option that will provide an aesthetically pleasing object at your event without harming nature in the process.
4. Budget-friendly: Red rose petals can be purchased in budgets fit for any type of event. In many cases, prices are negotiable depending on how much length and color of the flowers are used in garland making.
5. Easy setup: Setting up a red rose petal garland is simple and easy, making it ideal for busy couples who don’t have time to waste on complicated decorations and installation tasks.
6. Fragrance: Rose petals naturally release a pleasant scent that carries across large areas, bringing life and energy into any space and creating an inviting atmosphere that invites conversation among guests and family members alike.

This stunning Red Rose Petal Garland for wedding is just perfect for adding some elegance and charm to your special day or event! Whether it be hung like a beautiful curtain, draped on frames or encircling an area this stunning garland will bring an instant wow factor to your events decor.

– 100% Handmade with care
– Large volume of fresh petals of high quality
– A unique combination of Red rose petals and White tuberose border
– Length 2.5 feet
-Absolutely perfect for any special occasion or event, including weddings, engagements, receptions, and more.
-Add a touch of beauty and elegance to any space – simple yet stunning.
-Quick setup – the garland can be hung up in minutes with its fastening supports.

Additional information

Dimensions 60 cm


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