Ugadi Pooja Flower Packages

The package contains the following items:

  • Assorted Loose Flowers (200gms)
  • Yellow Samanthi (80cm)
  • Betel leaf(2)
  • Jasmine String(80cm)
  • Mango leaf(2bunches)
  • Neem leaf(2bunches)
  • Dhurva grass (1bunch)

The package contains the following items:

  • Assorted Loose Flowers(250gms)
  • Jasmine String(80cm)
  • Yellow Samanthi(120cm)
  • Chendupoo (Genda Phool)  string(120cm)
  • Needle garland(#1, 1.5ft)
  • Mango leaf(1 bunch)
  • Neem leafs(1 bunch)
  • Betel leaf(2)

The package contains the following items:

  • Assorted Loose Flowers(250gms)
  • Yellow Samanthi String(80cm)
  • Jasmine String (80cm)
  • Tulsi String(80cm)
  • Chendupoo Mix string(120cm)
  • Tuberose Garland (1Nos – 2ft)
  • Lotus(1 pair)
  • Mango leaf(1 bunch)
  • Neem leafs(1 bunch)
  • Margam(1 bunch)
  • Davanam(1 bunch)
Ugadi Flower

The beginning of a new hope, new resolution and NEW YEAR!

- Happy Ugadi -

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About Ugadi

On this first day of the Hindu month Chaitra brings it as Ugadi for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Gudi Padwa for Maharashtra, Goa, Sajibu Nongma Panba for Manipur, and Cheti Chand for the Sindhi community. The Punjabis observe it as Baisakhi or the Spring Festival.

Hindus overseas in Mauritius, Indonesia, and a few others also observe this day as the commencement of a new year.

Facts related to Ugadi

Lord Brahma the creator of the Universe is supposed to have created the Universe on this day also known as Chaitra Shudha Padhyami. He created the fractions of time also to make it easier to keep count it is said i.e. days, months, years, etc.

Besides celebrating the beginning of the Universe, it is also the time when Spring freshness re-enters our life after a long monsoon and winter session. The nine-day-long Vasant Navaratri begins on this day and culminates with Ram Navami.

Ugadi signifies the heralding of the New Year for South Indian Hindus. Here are 4 facts that you should know about Ugadi:

  • 1. On Ugadi, there are six ingredients present in a special dish called Ugadi Pachadi that represent a particular emotion present in every human. These are anger (chili), happiness (jaggery), sadness (neem), hate (tamarind), fear (salt), and surprise (raw mango).
  • 2. Freshly-cut mango leaves are adorned at the doorway of one’s house. This is supposed to signify prosperity and a good yield.
  • 3. Neem plays an integral role in Ugadi festivities – be it food or decoration – The reason being is that is neem is inherently a bitter plant. The neem leaves and flowers are mixced with jaggery signifying a balance of good and bad.
  • 4. Called Thorana in Kannada is a garland of mango leaves. Fresh mango leaves are plucked and arranged into a half garland and is decorated on the door. This is believed to ward off evil spirits and make the house a place of positive energy.

Ugadi Puja Flower

No festival looks colorful without flowers. And for a festival like Ugadi Puja, which is a celebration of nature’s gift to mankind, there is nothing better than offering fresh flowers to our beloved deity. Celebrate with the most beautiful and fresh flowers this festive season. Every flower has a meaning attached to it.

Earlier there was a constraint of getting the right selection of traditional flowers for festive celebrations. However, thanks to the internet, now you have the option to purchase the right flowers for your festival with a click of a button from the comfort of your home and that too without any compromise on the quality or freshness. Moreover, with GetFlowersDaily expertise and offline delivery services we assure you will never regret to have subscribed to our services since customer satisfaction in terms of quality is our motto and as a team, we never compromise on that.

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If you are unable to decide which festive package to go with or worried about Ugadi Puja? No worries. You can just ring us and we will help you out with the best selection of assorted flowers this festive season.