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Oleander Pink Strings

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In the language of flowers, oleander signifies desire, destiny, caution, as well as romantic love. They are also famously known as the desert rose. These beautiful flowers are often offered to Goddess Durga and her various avatars.

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Nerium indicumor Nerium oleander known as Arali and also known as Pink Oleander Flower is widely used during religious rituals.  These are offered to various deities especially to Lord Rama, Lord Murugar and Goddess Durga. They come in three colors pink, red and white. Arali flowers find a special place during worship of Lord Ganeshaduring Ganesha Chaturthi. Though Arali has a special place in the worship of deities, it is also important to consider the poisonous nature of this flower Nerium Oleander that can be fatal to children and sometimes adults. Hence during rituals proper handling and disposal of these flowers is highly recommended.

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