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Orchid Veni

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Orchid Embedded With Blue Daisy Veni are used for special functions like dance programs or skits played during festivals. These are very aromatic and beautiful and mesmerising which can be used as a hair ornament.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into making these veni and sometimes making such veni form the bread and butter or means of daily earning for some people. These are also used as garlands to worship God and goddess. Girls of all age love wearing this veni as an ornament as these have a very mesmerising aroma and look beautiful on all occasions. Widely used in households and temples for rituals and worships. The aroma and fragrance of such Orchid petal garlands are mesmerizing. The Orchid Embedded With Blue Daisy Veni is now available at your doorstep through online delivery from Get Flowers Daily (GFD) from the comfort of your home at a click of a button. The quality of Orchid Embedded With Blue Daisy Veni i is ensured to be of high quality and to be delivered promptly ensuring customer satisfaction. GFD delivers all kinds of flowers across Bangalore so do get in touch for any of your requirements through our website. Place your requirements today through GFD and get your desired flowers of high quality.

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Dimensions 30 cm
By Usage

Bridal Flower

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Baby birth, Orchid






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