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Haldi Puja Box


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loose flowers 250gms
samanthi string 80cm
jasmine 80cm
Besan 250 gm
Kasturi Haldi 250 gm
Saffron Threads 1 Packet
Sandalwood Powder 20 gm
Rose Water 1 Bottle
Mustard Oil 1 Bottle
Face Towel 1 unit
Ganga Jal 1 Bottle
Roli 20 gm
Yellow Cloth 1 unit
Cotton Wicks 1 Packet
Janeu 1 unit
Agarbatti 2 Packets
Dhoopbatti 2 Packets
Decorative Diya 1 unit
Match Box 1 Unit



The haldi paste is made from turmeric, rose water (or water), and sandalwood powder. It is gooey and cold but smells strong and pungent yet refreshing. Organic body wash for the win. Plus it is an antiseptic too. The paste is put on five places: the feet, knees, arms, hands, face. I am not sure why those five places and why start from the feet going up but that’s how it goes.a Haldi ceremony is all this and more. Make sure that you capture the essence of this one-of-a-kind celebration by planning it just right! After all, these are the memories you will cherish for a long time to come. Read on to know how to make this day memorable for you and your dear ones, as you embark on the first steps towards a brand new life.The Haldi ceremony is often marked as an intimate gathering, just ahead of the main wedding ceremony. So, it’s where your family – mums, sisters, cousins, close friends and near relatives will shower their love on you (proverbially and sometimes literally), blessing you against ‘Buri Nazar’ and for a happy married life ahead. These blessings are blended (often with regional and cultural variations), with either milk, rose water, sandalwood, curd and other herbs and then spread liberally over the bride and groom’s face, arms and legs.


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