Chrysanthemum Marigold Flower


Chrysanthemums Marigold Flower is available for local delivery on same day in Bengaluru region only and 2-3 days for rest on India . Chrysanthemums Marigold with long stem are widely used for various decorations types along with other cut flower as well begin used it among other puja offerings to their deities. These flowers doesn’t fade away soon after plucking and remains fresh for 2-3 days provided shade and cool atmosphere.

Weight:- 40cm

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Glimpse of Chrysanthemum flower history:

Chrysanthemum dates back to 15th century BC. The word is evolved from word “chrys” that means “gold” in Greek, “anthemion” means flowers. Thus when fused together it means “golden flowers.”
The chrysanthemums in ancient days were only in gold color. But as times passed, diverse colors of chrysanthemum have been cultivated. Now, there are varieties of chrysanthemum flowers like pink, purple, red, yellow, bronze or orange

Insight on Chrysanthemum flower structure:

Petals on chrysanthemums are in fact florets (a small flower, usually part of a thick cluster, especially, one of the disk or ray flowers of a amalgamated plant such as a daisy) since both sexual parts (male/female) subsist in each one. The chrysanthemum flower has two types of florets
Ray florets that would be called petals on a daisy, and
Disc florets that are the center florets in a daisy type of bloom.
Only the disc florets can reproduce. All classes of chrysanthemums have both types of florets, but in many of the classes, the disc florets are not apparent. In those plants, the plant breeder uses a pair of cutters to uncover the disc florets for pollination and the growth of new cultivars.

In India, Chrysanthemums Marigold is most commonly cultivated in South India and is admired by Hindus who use it among other puja offerings to their deities. Chrysanthemums Marigold is also widely used for various decorations types and are also known by Name “Marigold  Shevanthi”,’Marigold Samanthi”. These flowers doesn’t fade away soon after plucking and remains fresh for 2-3 days provided shade and cool atmosphere.

Online Flower Delivery:

Chrysanthemums Marigold Flower is available for local delivery on same day in Bengaluru region only and 2-3 days for rest on India .

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Weight 250 g


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Puja Flowers

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