Pitch a Blog

Get Flowers Daily (aka GFD) aims to be the forefront resource destination for spiritual articles – related to meditation, mindfulness and other religious posts. GFD welcomes posts from various religions on a common ground to unite people from a wide range of cultural heritage. Blogs on various Indian festivals, articles on astrology and Indian traditional belief systems are also accepted. We also welcome sharing festive recipes and blogs on a wide range of customs and traditions followed across India.

What is the position for?

We’re looking for passionate writers/contributors who can deliver blogs and articles on the above based set themes and concepts. Contributors will submit articles that will follow the GFD writing regulations as seen below. Freshers in content writing are welcome too.

What’s in for me?

Once approved the guest writer’s post will be widely promoted on all our social media channels.
If the guest writer happens to be from a B2b space that is relevant to GFD, then along with publicity of their blog/article, GFD is also happy to explore a mutually beneficial partnership.

Please remember that the Guest Writer contributes article(s) and this is NOT a paid position. However, having said that GFD is happy to provide a wide outreach in terms of promoting the guest writers’ articles, posts and in turn business and products. As a contributor to GFD you will also have your own author page where you can include your biography, link to your own website (if you have one) and social media.

Rules and regulations for the article:

1. You first pitch an idea for the article to [email protected]
2. Once approved you can write, edit and proofread and send the article to [email protected] The article can be anywhere around 500 to 1200 words.
3. Upon final edits from the GFD team you will be sent the final copy to read through.
4. Once you’re happy we will post it on GFD blog.

Reasons why your pitch might fail:

1. The article or concept has been already covered in detail
2. In case of Plagiarism, if the article or images used are a copy-paste from another website
3. Your topic doesn’t fall under the broad category as mentioned on the top of this post.

Are you interested to be one of the guest writers for GFD? Please contact [email protected]