Onam Flowers

Celebrate this Onam with Get flower Daily's Special Onam Package
As a part of this Get flowers daily shall deliver Different varieties of fresh flowers at your door step with an attractive offer.

You can customize and make your own designs with our fresh and beautiful flowers through our special Onam Flowers packages

Package contains below products:
1.Marigold yellow Flower – 250g
2.Marigold orange Flower – 250g
3.Chrysanthamum white Flower – 250g
4.Red Rose – 250g
5.Yellow Rose – 250g
6.Oleander Pink Flower – 250g

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    • 5 star review  Amazing experience and service! Ordered a coconut flower from them and they delivered it in time without any hiccups. The quality of the flower was also great. Kudos to Murali from the team for being prompt in responding and sharing the necessary details. Will definitely shop from here again

      thumb Aditi Menon

      5 star review  Hi…I had ordered 3 bel patra (bilwa patra) garlands. It was just amazing. The garlands were beautifully made and packed in a way that even aftr traveling frm Bangalore to Malavalli(near Mysore) it remained fresh. It was an absolute delight to offer it to 3 different temples…it was jus fantastic. It was a great experience…looking forward for many more.

      thumb Nima Manu

      5 star review  The Garlands were really beautiful and I was more than satisfied when I looked at the quality and freshness at reasonable price.

      thumb Rinu Sharma

      5 star review  I am happy with the quality of items and a very professional service.

      thumb Srujana
    • 5 star review  I had a very good experience with these folks. They are on time, do as promised and deliver with great quality. The flowers were fresh and the decoration was superb. Made the event very special.

      thumb preethi ragukumar

      5 star review  wanted flowers on emergency basis. what I like the most about their service is, they make exceptional request and considered to deliver in just few hours. Flowers were fresh until the next day...

      thumb Sreevidh Gopal

      5 star review  Awesome service, notwithstanding all the challenges of our current times, couldn't have asked for more. Thank you for this prompt & excellent service!👏👏👍

      thumb Vijayalakshmi Shekar

      4 star review  The flowers were really fresh and the leaves like tulsi and others were also good and the mango leaves were also fresh I done the puja very happily! All were in affordable price.

      thumb Sunita Mohapatra

    Onam Flowers Rangoli or Pookalam

    The celebrations of Onam last for the period of ten days, which are known as - Atham, Chithira, Chodhi, Vishakam, Anizham, Thriketa, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradom and Thiruvonam. It is a tradition to place a flower carpet known as the 'Pookalam' in the doorway of every home to welcome the king. The houses are cleaned, beautiful rangoli and lavish food is made. Special pujas are organized in the temples and the younger members of the family seek the blessings of the elder ones.

    About Onam

    Onam is celebrated to commemorate the arrival of King Mahabali from Patala. The story goes that the demon King Mahabali who ruled in Kerala was loved by all for his generosity and kindness. This threatened the Gods and they sought Lord Vishnu’s help who disguised himself as a poor Brahmin and headed to Kerala. He asked the king to give him land that can be covered within three feet and Mahabali granted his wish. Soon, the Brahmin started to grow in size and covered the sky and earth with his first and second step. Before he could take his third step, the king offered his head for the last step which led him to Patala. However, the king was granted a blessing for his good deeds to visit his people once every year. Onam marks the day of his annual visit to Earth.

    Pooja Flower Delivery in Bengaluru

    No festival looks colorful without flowers. And for a festival like Onam, which is a celebration of nature’s gift to mankind, there is nothing better than offer fresh flower to our beloved diety/King. Celebrate with the most beautiful and fresh flowers this festive season. Every flower has a meaning attached to it. We have listed couple of flowers in above package for your easy reference.

    Customer Friendly Support Team - With one Goal 'Fresh Flower Delivery'!

    If you are unable to decide which festive package to go with or worried about Onam decoration? No worries. You can just ring us and we will help you out with the best selection of assorted flowers this festive season