Puja Flowers Subscription Service in Bangalore

Pooja Flower Subscription

Have you ever experienced the thirst of Pooja flowers or Do you perform your Pooja without flower and feel incomplete in your worship. With solid 5 years of experience in serving pooja flowers to users around Bengaluru, India and satisfying subscriber's floral requirement on special days, We have enhanced Pooja Flower Subscription box service again with packages, easy billing process and effective delivery system.

As we grow in subscriber users, we are sure to match the quality and best pricing (low) with lots of offers and discounts to our subscribers.

How it works?

Book Subscription
Flower delivery starts on nearest day selected
Flower will be delivered b/w 6AM to 9AM

ZERO Delivery Charge

Pause/Resume Subscription, If needed.

Interested? Order Your Floral Subscription in Just 5 Simple Steps

Select Flowers
Select Days

(3 Days a Week : Mon, Wed, Fri )

Adjust Quantity
Provide User Detail
Pay & Activate

Awesome Discount on Referring a Subscriber

Refer a Subscriber (who gets enrolled to Daily Puja Flower Subscription Service) and earn 5% discount coupon with validity for 6 month.

Why you should try us?

Pause/Suspend Subscription

Any time,if required.

5% discount on Orders

As a subscription member, you will be eligible for 5% discount on future orders.

Silent Morning Delivery

Between 5:30AM-8:30AM
Delivery Charge Rs.30 per month.

Zero delivery charge

Subscription Product Seasonal Pricing

Flower StringsCurrent Session
White Crysthanamum String (40cm)Rs.29Rs.39Rs.42
Yellow Crysthanamum String (40cm)Rs.24Rs.39Rs.42
Jasmine Strings (40cm)Rs.24Rs.39Rs.59
Oleander Strings (40cm)Rs.24Rs.29Rs.32
Basil (tulsi) Strings (40cm)Rs.19Rs.19Rs.19
Any Strings (40cm)Rs.24Rs.24Rs.28
Loose Flowers
Red Rose (100gm)Rs.22Rs.27Rs.32
Yellow Rose or Crysthanamum(100gm)Rs.22Rs.27Rs.32
Loose Yellow And Red Mix (100gm)Rs.22Rs.27Rs.32
Pink Lotus(Per items)Rs.15Rs.15Rs.15
Pink Oleander Flower(100gms)Rs.26Rs.29Rs.34
Paneer Rose(100gm)Rs.26Rs.29Rs.34
Puja Leaves
Betel (4 pic)Rs.6Rs.6Rs.6
Neem Leaf (1 Bundle)Rs.19Rs.19Rs.19
Vilva Leaf (1 Bundle)Rs.15Rs.15Rs.15
Dhurva Grass (1 Bundle)Rs.10Rs.10Rs.10
Mango Leaves (1 Bundle)Rs.24Rs.24Rs.24
Elite Package(incl comp)Rs.219Rs.219Rs.219
Standard Package(incl comp)Rs.119Rs.119Rs.119
Regular Package(incl comp)Rs.89Rs.89Rs.89
Basic Package(incl comp)Rs.59Rs.59Rs.59
Popular Package(Excl comp)Rs.24Rs.24Rs.24
Budget Package(Excl comp)Rs.19Rs.19Rs.19

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Subscription Rules:-

  • If any Potentially Disruptive Climate Events like cyclone or heavy downpour, the delivery will be cancelled with short notice via sms and mail. And your subscription period will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If any complain, please share details on +91-95385 41999 (WhatsApp) asap.
  • Subscription edit will be not be allowed in between the subscription cycle.
  • No request will be entertained to 'prepone' or 'postpone' the scheduled delivery as per the subscription selected.
  • Below is the list of pin codes of the areas where we serve in Bengaluru:560008 | 560016 | 560017 | 560033 | 560037 | 560038 | 560043 | 560045 | 560048 | 560049 | 560064 | 560066 | 560067 | 560071 | 560075 | 560077 | 560084 | 560087 | 560093 | 560103 | 562125 | 560102 | 560005.
If you have any query, Please drop a email to support@getflowersdaily.com or Initiate a live chat (website)

Here is What Customer Say About us!

  • 5 star review  Fresh n good flowers, delivery in time.

    thumb madela monisha vasanth

    5 star review  My flower requirements are met by Getflowersdaily.com from past one year. I am very happy with their service and quality.

    thumb Shubha Ranganath
  • 5 star review  Getflowersdaily acknowledged my order and delivered beautiful wedding garlands on time. I am very happy for choosing getflowersdaily.

    thumb Vchithra Sekar

    5 star review  Highly recommended for special occasions and daily needs. Pricing, timeliness and quality are first class. Excellent service. I ordered a custom garland and flowers for an ocassion. An I am extremely happy with the flowers and garland that was delivered. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a quick delivery and quality flowers!

    thumb Janakiraman kannan
  • 5 star review  Amazing Quality of flowers and very supportive and humble people. I will highly recommend this page.

    thumb riddhi jain

    5 star review  Good service and we got the product in reasonable price...

    thumb STEVEN B
  • 5 star review  Ordered flowers for decoration in office. Responded very quickly to our request and delivered the flowers well within time. Also, the flower prices are reasonable. Thank you for your service and keep up the good work!

    thumb Santosh v.n.

    5 star review  This place is awesome, they take time to understand what exactly we need with lots of patience and delivered flowers before time:) Now I don't have to worry when I need fresh beautiful flowers:):) Thank you so much!!

    thumb Jennifer Rose Carroll
  • 5 star review  Surya Govindarajan is so helpful, she always gives the best for us. I appreciate her patience and efforts on choosing the right choice. Get flowers daily is always reasonable and it’s worth buying it from get flowers daily, love the quality , bouquet ? & garlands.

    thumb Nazia Hussain

    5 star review  Had a good experience with them. They respond quickly during office hours and their delivery is hassle free.

    thumb saurabh araiyer
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Pooja Flower Subscription

Flowers dominate a special role in Indian culture, history, myth and tradition. From the most exalted space of the holy to adornment in everyday life, there is a flower for every flavor, every season, every reason and a special one for the various gods and goddesses of Indian religion. Flowers - as offerings during ritual worship to elaborate statues on temple walls, entrenched in modern paintings by fashionable artists to colorful carpets for welcoming gods and guests, from fragrant garlands that adorn Indian brides and grooms to aromatic essential oils and perfumes, - they refresh our spirits and elevate our souls.

Like any other subscription service like magazine subscription,amazon subscription and NetFlix Subscription, We offer a wide range of marvellous traditional flowers as part of Pooja Flower Subscription service at your door steps that are quite cumbersome to find in Bengaluru during off seasons. Our expertise lies in delivering fresh flowers to bring in an enlightening experience around your home. Flowers for puja, daily rituals or for any life occasions are delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and also as per the needs of the customer.

With subscription service you will enjoy the priorty service from our team and 5% flat discount on any order you place around the year.

Flower Subscription Box:

We truly understand our user needs and very well acknowledge the need for not only flowers but special leaves that go as part of some daily rituals in certain households. To accomdate the unviersal needs, we have currated different flowers and leaves into a package which you can choose during you subscription box booking.

Subscription Delivery:

Delivery is essential and core part of our service which make sures that the flowers are delivery on time in early morning to the subscriber to make sure your start your day with fresh floral aroma. We dont charge during subscription delivery and its absolute Zero delivery charge.

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