Custom Flowers Service

Flowers symbolize the country’s unity in the form of diversity, dynamism and kindness, providing it a affluent cultural aroma and values. A single flower or a bunch of flowers can delight the mind and award prosperity. In the various traditions flowers have forever been connected with the Creator, religion, worship with countless myths and tradition across. Similarly, flowers have forever remained an integral part of culture. In every phase of life’s celebrations, festivals and prayers, flowers hold a special position. Apart from their amazing gorgeousness of form, color, scent and texture there is something more—an impalpable, subtle and unsolved quality about flowers. It is this subtle element—their soul—which has given the flowers such a special place in every culture.

In India, worship of God is called Puja. In the Puja/prayer, at a place of God, people offers flowers and garlands to the idols or deities to enchantment them and with wish they will bestow affluence upon them. Flowers have inspired many architectural concepts and styles; they were used as templates in both religious and yogic practices, as well as ornaments, fabric designs, and motifs. Some flowers have been consumed as food and many are known for their medicinal values.