Modern Garba dance during Navratri festival : Preservation or Perversion of Culture ?
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Modern Garba dance during Navratri festival : Preservation or Perversion of Culture ?

An alarming loss to Hindu Dharma and culture due to malpractices in the Navratri festival !

O Hindus ! Public celebration of Hindu festivals is becoming perverted. Without considering the religious, spiritual and social causes underlying the celebration of festivals, majority of people view it as a mere reason of fun and frolic. An excellent example of this is that, during the Navratri festival there are advertisements of Garba dance classes on one side and on the other there are news of arguments over court orders on Noise Pollution. But, nowhere there is mention of the Goddess for whose grace the festival is celebrated. In Scriptures, religious festival is described as ‘That celebration from which one derives Bliss (Anand)’. But in the present scenario ‘worldly happiness (not bliss) derived by making others unhappy’ is called a festival. That is precisely why, except for people belonging to a certain age group the average individual is heard expressing ‘We want peace not celebration’.

After Ganesh Chaturthi now in the Navratri festival too, a lot of malpractices are observed – extortion of donations, noise pollution, doing Garba on the tune of film songs, vulgar dance performed in an inebriated state, an upsurge of unwed mothers within a few months after Navratri etc. The misconduct occurring at the Navratri festival every year is a frightening alarm to the immense loss it is causing to Hindu Dharma and culture ! Hence, we are publishing this article to awaken Hindus, to caution them against such dangers and to encourage them to protect Hindu Dharma and our culture.

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