navratri vrat recipes, navratri fasting recipes (80 navratri recipes)
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80 navratri vrat recipes

navratri vrat recipes, fasting recipes.

here you will find a compiled list of fasting or vrat recipes that are made during the navratri festival. or you can browse the complete collection of 160 navartri vrat recipes here.

in north and western india, 9 days fasting or vrat is kept during this festival. however, in south india fasting is not observed. in south india people do worship of deities and make sundals or sweet recipes to offer as prasadam.

thus there is a difference how this festival is celebrated all over india. this year chaitra navaratri begins on 18th march, 2018 and ends on 26th march, 2018. in india, fasting rules varies from community to community. its always better to check with your family members before deciding the menu. if you plan to keep fast during navratri then do check this list of fasting food and rules.

below you will find both north indian and south indian recipes listed. you can also check this collection of 45 south indian navratri recipes. also mentioned towards the end is a list of flours and cereals used during the fasting period.

most of the fasting recipes are very quick and easy to make. as many spices and herbs are not allowed during fasting days. moreover you don’t have to chop onions, garlic etc. so fasting food is not only quicker to prepare but it is also easiest to digest. a good time to purify body-mind and get connected to your divine nature.

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