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The Indian classical music is rich with its historical, cultural, theoretical and aesthetic form. India has its own vibrant culture and customs. Classical music of India forms the very important part of this culture. The origin of the Indian Music can be be found in the ancient literature and scriptures. Indian classical music has been the part of the Hindu tradition. Indian classical music is the most complex and complicated musical system ever developed. The extreme cultural diversity creates endless variety of classical styles. Each region in India has its own particular style.

Indian classical music is composed of huge number of ragas. It is the mix of Carnatic and Hindustani music. There are seven notes popularly sung as the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa. there are interval between them. The one between the Sa and Re is called Komal Re (like Re flat), between Re and Ga is Komal Ga ( like mi flat), between Pa and Dha is Komal Dha (like La flat), between Dha and Ni is Komal Ni ( like Si flat). The fifth lies between Ma and Pa but it is called Tivra Ma, like Fa sharp.

Dhrupad is the oldest style of classical singing in the North Indian music. It denotes both the form of poetry and the from of music in which the poetry is sung. It is also presented in the instrumental form. Dadra is the light classical music, which is very similar to the Thumri. It is basically performed in the light ragas such as mand, pilu, or even pahadi. Kheyal holds the important place in the Indian music. The word Kheyal refers to the imagination. There is an extremely slow section in Kheyal which is called vilambit and the fast section which is called chotta Kheyal.

Bhangra is another most popular music among the punjabi’s in India. It is mainly sung on the beats of dhol or drum. Lavani is the folk music of the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Traditionally the female artists sing the song in the fast tempo and the male singers accompany them with the tunes of Lavanis. Then comes the Rajasthani Folk music, which is the mixture of different flavours. It is dedicated to many religious customs, deities, fairs and festivals in Rajasthan. Rajasthani music has a alap that is followed by dooba or the recital of the couplet. Ravi Sahankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Harprasad Chaurasia, Subha mudgal are the India’s best known classical musicians known all over the world.

Many musical instruments are peculiar to India. The most famous are the sitar, flute, and tabla. Indian classical music has gained tremendous popularity in the west also. It is based upon the ancient melodic pattern called raag and taal. Rag is the melodic form while taal is the rhythmic form.

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