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The biggest and the best of Lord Ganesh idols in Maharashtra

This is the list of all best and biggest of Lord Ganesh Idols in Maharashtra

First, of course, the most famous of them all, Lalbagh. One million devotees visit Lalbagh cha Raja every day. This year the theme is very different.

The large-eyed owl behind his throne is the vahan of Laxmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Here is the Lalbagh Ganesha exiting the beautifully decorated gate on his way to the immersion. Both the photos are by Adil and sent in by Chitra Uttamsingh.

This is a close up of the towering 14 foot Ganesha amid the sea of people. Notice the very large eyes of the owl which forms the back of his throne.

Another very major Ganesha is from Khetwadi 12th road. This is the most visited of all the Khetwadi pandals. The Ganesh towers above and is usually among the best of Mumbai. The following photos are all taken by Brijesh Raj.

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