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How to go (almost) plastic-free in the kitchen

Struggling to go Plastic-free in the kitchen? Green lifestyle blogger Wendy Graham offers tips on curbing plastics where we cook, store food and wash up. I’m Wendy, a green lifestyle blogger over at Moral Fibres . I’m in my mid-30s and live near Edinburgh with my partner and our two daughters aged 6 and 2. I wouldn’t describe myself as super green – just someone who tries their best.

If your kitchen is anything like mine then you’ll know it can be a bit of a plastic magnet. Thankfully, there are a few fairly easy swaps that you can do to help you on your way to reducing plastic usage in the kitchen. Some cost a little bit of money and many don’t.

Alternatives to plastic in the kitchen
I’m going to show you some plastic-free and reduced plastic alternatives that we’ve been trialling in our house. We aren’t entirely plastic-free – it’s a work in progress – but hopefully you can glean some useful advice from our experience so far.

I’m not suggesting you throw out all the plastic in your kitchen and replace with plastic-free alternatives right this second. The most environmentally friendly way to green your kitchen is to use the plastic items you have, and then when they reach the end of their life, look at replacing them with plastic-free alternatives.

Consider it a journey rather than an endpoint to be achieved by next week. Slow and steady wins the race.

Plastic-free dish washing
Let’s start with dish washing. Washing dishes by hand can be a chore, and while there’s no getting around that, there are ways to make doing the dishes a plastic-free experience.

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