Become the Master of Your Own Destiny
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Become the master of your own destiny

Sadhguru delves into the matter of destiny and fate, saying that it is just a choice between compulsiveness and consciousness. This destiny is unconsciously self-created, and this is what is generally known as karma. However, since it is happening unconsciously we can also make it a conscious process. The whole science of yoga is to redirect yourself from the compulsiveness of the mind and body to a conscious state, where you can become the master of your own destiny.

Questioner: We talk of destiny; we talk of so many things being predetermined in our lives. Then where’s the question of applying our intelligence to situations if things, if there is already if everything is predetermined?

Sadhguru: Who talked about destiny? Did I?

Questioner: You didn’t talk but generally everyone… even when something happens your destined to be like this. It’s destiny, it’s the work of destiny or whatever. There’s a general perception about…

Sadhguru: That’s a simple escape from all the nonsense you have done to your life. For all the nonsense that you have done to your life destiny is a simple escape. Oh, it’s my destiny that’s why I’m like this. Now whatever you call as your destiny is also self created. You’re creating it unconsciously. You can also create it consciously. There are certain parameters in your life. I think we looked at this the other day when somebody asked karma. You have unconsciously written a certain software for yourself. So you are tending to go in that direction. Whatever you try to do, it just keeps going in this direction. You want to go here, but it just keeps taking you this way because your software is like that. It develops certain tendencies and starts moving in certain direction. This does not mean you cannot redirect yourself. Yes, it’s quite compulsive.

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