Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?
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Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

Rakul Preet Singh: I am curious about things like the law of attraction, where they say that anything that you ask, believe, and send out to the universe in a constant direction, will happen. Because they say that you design your destiny, you design your life. I mean you are sending out a positive signal…

Sadhguru: To whom?

Rakul Preet Singh: To the universe.

Sadhguru: Which direction? Up or down?

Rakul Preet Singh: That is what I’m asking. How does the law of attraction really work?

Sadhguru: It does not work.

Rakul Preet Singh: So what works? How do you design your destiny?

Sadhguru: Whether it is two magnets, male and female, North Pole and South Pole, the law of attraction happens between opposites. Now you are talking about the universe – so that means you are an alien to this universe?

Rakul Preet Singh: Part of the universe.

Sadhguru: If you are part of the universe, what is there to be attracted about?

Rakul Preet Singh: Well, why do they say that you can design your own destiny?

Sadhguru: You can determine your destiny and you should – that is what being human means. If you had come here like any other creature on this planet, they have compulsive cycles they live by. It is okay for them because that is all they are capable of.

Actually, if you look at your life, you are not doing anything greatly different from what the other creatures are doing. They are born – you are born. You grow up – they grow up. They reproduce – you reproduce. They die – you die. Nothing very different, but we can conduct these same simple things consciously. That is the significant thing about being human.

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