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Flowers For Spiritual Rituals


Flowers For Spiritual Rituals

Flowers For Spiritual Rituals

Flowers For Spiritual Rituals

Flowers have always had sentimental meaning and symbolism. Often used in spiritual centers and places of worship; they represent life, birth, and the essence of Mother Earth. Strewn throughout temples, tossed about during celebrations, and hung around the neck as a sign of welcome and aloha, on the Hawaiian Islands; flowers are a meaningful part of ritual and tradition.

You don’t have to be on vacation on the Big Island or in a Buddhist Temple, to bring the essence of floral life into your space of living. Flowers can be used in many ways in your home to add a sense of peace, spirituality, and serenity to your own private world.

Building creative and whimsical altars in your bedroom or area of relaxation in your home is a wonderful way to use flowers in your meditation practice. Fresh flowers on a personal altar symbolize the Earth element in many spiritual practices, and gives honor to Gaia, the planet.

You can choose the flowers you love best, or ones that also have special meaning to you; this personal and authentic expression awakens your inner response to the beauty and fragrance around you. Even if you are not into meditation or stillness; flowers on a mantel, reading table, or bedside, makes your space feel natural and alive. You will benefit from their presence consciously, through appreciation, and unconsciously through the power of nature.

Green plants are also a significant way to engage in ritual. Practically, they provide the living space with clean air; and metaphorically, they are symbols of growth and prosperity in all areas of life.  Green house plants give us something alive to tend to; to nurture and care for. This in itself; is a form of spiritual practice.

A spiritual practice doesn’t need to be a part of an organization or global group; it can simply, and most purely, be a space in your home where nature is honored and revered. And reverence has many beautiful faces; such as enjoying flowers and plants in your kitchen while cooking, watering and wishing them goodnight before bed; or sitting outside in the sun with them, during the course of the day.

Allow flowers and plants to open you up to creating sacred times and spaces in your everyday life. No work is required; just simple appreciation.

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